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Default Re: Where does most of TDK's critisism come from?

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
It was just one example I offered. The attitudes expressed on that site are hardly localized to that one site and to 2008-9. I find arguments about TDK's merits on the comment pages And the point is to address the central question of this thread- I believe a big chunk of TDK's criticism comes from the fact that a lot of people think it's overrated and like to pick it apart for that (I've seen people compile lists of plotholes for it, just like people did for TDKR)

Another big chunk of it simply comes from people who aren't overly fond of Nolan's take on Batman overall and find TDK to be too much crime procedural, not enough superhero. I think those two camps constitute most of the criticisms thrown at the movie.

I adore TDK, but I've had to argue its merits with too many people for me to say this movie doesn't have a decent amount of detractors out there.
This is true. I love all the movies in that trilogy (TDK and TDKR included), but I do understand some of the criticisms against the films.

I would also add that criticism comes from some of these camps as well:

1. Comic-movies-are-getting-too-serious: this camp dislikes most modern comic book movies because many are trying not to be too much of a comic book movie and to be something more, like with TDK Trilogy and the new reboots we are given. This camp holds that comic books are by their nature joyous fun, and they feel that Nolan's Batman trilogy doesn't work because while the trilogy does have a lot of fun along with its seriousness, the trilogy does have a dark aura that has not exactly been seen in a mass-marketed PG-13 comic book movie (though there have been dark comic-book/graphic novel movies before TDK)

2. The-Nolan's-Batman-isn't-Batman camp: this camp would include fans of Adam West, hardcore comic book fans, Michael Keaton/Tim Burton fans and just about anyone who doesn't find Nolan's Batman to be exactly in line with the comics (but many have shown that Nolan's Batman is really true to the comics and truer to the source than the other cinematic incarnations). When they see Christian Bale's Batman, what they see is a growling hunk of muscles that isn't exactly the most muscular (at least compared to the huge muscles of some of the illustrations of Bruce Wayne), an over-the-top voice that, while most people love it, annoys the living daylights out of them. This group feels that Nolan's Batman doesn't work because Nolan tried to make Batman more humanistic and they feel Batman is not really a human character but a superhuman in his own way. So they get (understandably) pissed when they see the opening of TDKR, since Batman is more easily broken and human in that movie than in BB or TDK. While I think that the tone worked well in these movies, I do understand where this camp is coming from.

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