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Default Re: You fight well... in the old style. Now you face the Shredder. - The Shredder Thr

Originally Posted by godisawesome View Post
Oh, heck yeah, he did. I loved his first appearance with that awesome dumbeat and his huge oily cape, and I still think his entrance to the final fight is by far one of the best moments of the series:

(Turtles are kicking butt, chewing bubblegum, and taking names.)
Raph: Aw, no more?
(Shredder jumps onto the roof in slow motion with a nice little bass solo to let everyone know playtimes over. You can just barely see a feral grin behind his mask.)
5 minutes later:
Turtles: Dudes, that guy is totally kicking our butts, chewing bubblegum, and taking names!
I hated that he became basically the cartoon version of Shredder in the sequel. We all know the reason why but it still doesn't make it hurt any less. lol


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