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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane - Part 1

Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
There's a gulf between going completely off-topic and legitimate comparative studies. If we can discuss Keaton, Kilmer, and Bale in the Affleck thread, and if we can discuss Reeve, Routh, Cain, and Welling in the Cavill thread, why should we not be allowed to discuss Durance, Bosworth, Kidder, and Hatcher in the Amy Adams thread?

The "comparative studies" taking place are LOADED with troubling sexist commentary on all sides as well as leading to off-topic conversations because the bashing that is taking place is so ridiculous.

If you bring up another woman then that most assuredly is unfair because we can't respond to "Defend" because then it goes off-topic.

As a fellow poster, I would greatly prefer if people could refrain from discussing these other women except under rare circumstances.

Frankly, it's bad enough that as a female fan I have to deal with misogynist, crap comments about Amy Adams on a daily basis. I simply cannot deal with it in terms of the other women as well.

It's exhausting, disheartening and makes this board an unbearable place to visit and engage. I'm really not sure why it's so hard for some people to understand that every version of Lois Lane has been valid and has meant something to someone. Every single one. This board clearly has a biased slant right now which is intensely unfortunate bc I think (actually I know) that it's driving other people away who want to engage.

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