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Default Re: Batman Begins v.s The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Even Bane's creators, Graham Nolan and Chuck Dixon, thought Talia was the mastermind and Bane was the lackey:
No offense, but I really could care less. Dixon infuses far too much politics into his take on Batman and Graham Nolan modeled Bane after professional wrestlers. All in all, while I like KnightsEnd, (the third volume of Knightfall), the only thing about Bane that was solid in Knightfall was obviously the "break the bat" scene.

The reason writers like Paul Dini and Grant Morrison have looked down on Bane over the years is because much of Knightfall was a gimmick, crafted to cash-in on The Death of Superman craze. Dixon's plot of how Batman was defeated (he has a cold when Bane lets all the wackos out of Arkham, something done much better by Morrison only a few years prior, sans the cold) was weak, and the story was very cyclical until Bane shows up at the Batcave at the end.

Not to go on a tirade, but more than any villain in a comic book film, I think Nolan drastically improved Bane. I considered Bane an A-lister for breaking the Bat, but everything about that story until he does just that feels like padding and the Mexican wrestler outfit always was snicker-inducing.

Honestly, I wish DC would use the mask from TDKR, as well as the character. Dixon and Graham Nolan, whether as a knockoff of Doomsday or not, created an iconic moment. The movie actually created a great story around that moment which elevates it far more.

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