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Default Re: Batman Begins v.s The Dark Knight Rises

The claim that Bane was merely Talia's henchman is a knee-jerk reaction, if you ask me. It's preciesly the same reaction I had when I first saw the film and it's mainly because of the moment that Talia's reveal comes in. When you figure in that Bane also gets blown to bits soon after the reveal, the last bit clicks into place.

And yet, when you stop and think about it, it's the sort of thing that in hindsight is not as simple as it seems. Like others have said, the exact nature of Bane and Talia's relationship (as leaders of the remaining LoS) is left rather ambiguous, but the following post makes a vital observation:

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Talia being a mastermind/string puller/whatever you want to call it doesn't negate the fact that Bane was the strategist who was in charge of the day to day operation and figuring out all the logistics of everything- which fits his archetype as tactically brilliant mercenary (TDKR wasn't the first medium to characterize him as a merc). To me Bane was the artist and Talia was like his muse. She was the devil whispering in his ear, but at the end of the day nothing that happened in TDKR could've happened if not for Bane taking action. He was hired brains and muscle (even though he was working out of devotion and not for money), not just hired muscle. That's a key thing for me. If he had just been hired muscle with the implication that Talia was the true brains behind the operation, then I'd have been upset too.
This is a very important distinction to make, because it was not as if Bane's way of going about his activities in TDKR was to simply punch things or throw rocks at them. He had a very methodical and precise way of going about things, which underlines the fact that he wasn't mere muscle, regaradless of what the Talia reveal supposedly proves.

I've also grown to appreciate the reveal because it gives depth to Bane as a character - he's not just this methodical and brutal monster. Like BatLobster mentioned earlier, the 'bat dream' from the comics always seemed rather forced and while the idea that Bane came to Gotham to prove that he was top dog (like he did in Pena Duro) was interesting because of his prison background, it's one of those things that feel less compelling the more you think about them.

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