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Default Re: "Only a Prime can defeat me" The Fallen Thread!

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
Megatron has defeated Prime in the comics simply from having more energon, this is what happened in the first movie IMO. With Megatron frozen for thousands of years, he had all this energy stored up were ass Prime went though a lot of action in the first movie.
LOL . I didnt see Ironhide's shots do much damage.
Without Prime's ruthless side the Autobots would have lost long ago, he always has had and always should have a ruthless side. In the most recent storyline in the comics, he tosses Galvatron into a lava pit to stop Galvatron destroying the universe after he betrays Nova Prime. Galvatron dies from this, what Prime did in the movie was no different.
Its a different thing killing someone in battle, or killing someone because he will destroy the universe and its a whole other thing to execute a prisoner of war or to go all Hostel on your opponent. "Give me your face".
He tried to rip Prime's head off, he gets hold of it at one point, but Prime stops him, Prime, with the combination of Jetfire's parts, was just to much for him. Not to mention The Fallen was clearly not at full power if he had to leach Energon from baby TF's on the ship.
Then thats where the movie fails. They bring Devastator in and make him a vacuum cleaner, they bring a TF demigod and make him underpowered because of lack of energon... If you like it, then you will love it if Unicron is beaten by Prime in the third amirite? Prime will punch him and he ll die.
I loved Prime in the movie, it totally made up for his poor showing in the first, and I doubt Megatron was as powerful as the first movie because he was dead for 2 years, thats different than being frozen remember.
Because.... Really now, do you have to make assumptions that suit you and the film? So Megatron could be beaten by Bumblebee now?
The Autobots had 10 times as many humans helping them as in the first movie, not to mention things like airstrikes and rail guns which they couldnt use in the first movie, this movie was just as balanced as the first, the battle was just on a bigger scale.
Yeah, the humans used guns on them and the decepticons didnt even flinch. But then... BAM they used their magic rail gun. Why dont they put that on tanks or give one to optimus? One shot killed Devastator, with two-three they ll kill unicron.

The majority in this forum claims that the fallen was underpowered and Prime was overpowered. I think its objective. Why do people keep defending this **** movie? You think bay has enough brain in his head to care about the balance of the movie? His only direction to ILM for the forest fight was that Prime should at some point rip Grindor's face in two. Do you really think he thought about the balance? In the first one he presented the decepticons as real threats, hard to beat, killing machines and now they were a joke.

Ultra Magnus has beaten Galvatron, yet Magnus isnt as powerful as Optimus, never has been, never will be, and Rodimus growing bigger means nothing, Sentinal Prime was twice the size of Megatron yet Megatron ripped him apart in the comics, size means nothing, Grindor was bigger than Prime also in the movie.
I didnt say that it was a size issue. But i do think that because RotRod has the Matrix, it makes him just as powerful.
As for the math on this, sure Magnus is a great warrior and beating Galvatron says a lot. Besides, havent you seen the villain job to the good guys before? In any case, Galvatron is supposed to be better than Megatron. Its stated in the movie and i think that makes him a very powerful decepticon. The fact that it all gets mixed up is because G1 was never too thought out.

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