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Default Re: "Only a Prime can defeat me" The Fallen Thread!

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
But taking parts from a less powerful Decepticon and putting them on Megatron had to have an effect on his power. He lost a lot of parts in TF1, including an arm and a leg. If they were replaced with parts from a less powerful TF then it must have effected his overall strength.
Meh.... as i said, i view it differently. Like the metal is plaster or something. It certainly has similar qualities the way they transform into anything...
But, even if you look at people, would transplanting an army from an old man to a younger affect him so much? I dunno. I dont look so much in to it. If anything, Megatron looked more powerful this time around with that huge claw and cannon he had.
He wasnt actually Rodimus for most of the fight though, he was Hot Rod, and the way he survived was by adopting a hit and run strategy that worked well until Galvatron got his hands on him. If the Matrix wasnt there, Hot Rod would have died.
But i was talking about Rodimus and not Hot Rod. We discussed earlier how the Matrix makes him bigger and more powerful. Also, since the robots age (Kup, Jetfire) it would be logical that a 25 year old robot (analogically) wouldnt be as good a fighter as a 40 year old veteran (Prime).
I think it has let other robots shine, for me, the most heroic part of TF1 was Jazz vs Megatron, and the most emotional parts of both movies involved Bumblebee. Ironhide and the Twins got plenty of money shots as well in both TF1 and TF2 in Ironhide's case.
Well if someone should have stood up to Megatron, that should have been Ironhide. What the hell was Jazz thinking? It wasnt an accident, but a decision. I know he is second in command but unfortunately they had made him too small and weak. Of course other robots shine, both in the movies and the other parts of the franchise but all i am saying is that Rodimus or whoever should have an equal chance to reach legendary status as a leader. Its not that Prime is who he is because he beats everybody. He cant beat Tripticon! Prime isnt inherently Jesus, he earned his status. So other robots could and should be able to do it.

But Prime and Megatron are the big daddies, and this is why they got the most screentime in the movie IMO. And i disagree about Prime's predecessors being as legendary as he is, for one, the other Prime's were never involved in the Autobot-Decepticon war. Sentinal Prime was initially, but died pretty quickly at the hands of Megatron.
In the movies, the war started during Prime's leadership so his predecessors wouldnt have done anything, but in the general franchise i think that they were pretty good. Prime is the daddy of course.
Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
So it's The Matrix that made Hot Rod special. So there's nothing special about Hot Rod. So any autobot with The Matrix could beat Galvatron!
Watch "the hardest burden to bear". Its on youtube. Rodimus loses the matrix and the decepticons get it. Scourge (if i remember the name correctly, that blue decepticon that looks like an old man) gets it and he puts it in his chest. The matrix mutates him into robo-Hulk and he beats the hell out of Galvatron and two of his minions. The rest of the decepticons bow to him out of fear. In the end, HotRod accepts the burden of leadership and his destiny and engages Scourge who he beats easier than Prime did the Fallen (so you see that G1 isnt really realistic when it comes to power levels. Its who the writers chose to beat who) and gets it back becoming Rodimus again.
I think that HotRod was a naive rookie who became leader only because he touched it first or because he was chosen or whatever. He wasnt really powerful or anything. If you look at Prime, he remains the same even without the Matrix but in HotRod's case i suppose they had to transform him so that the autobot leader isnt the weakest of the bunch. The G1 series depicts his early years in leadership which are bound to be full of mistakes and self esteem issues.
So take all that as you will. Either through the matrix or whatever, i liked the guy. He was less of a rookie than animated Prime is right now. God i hate that show...

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