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Default Re: Captain America: Super Soldier (The Video Game)

Not much new there, but thanks RealIrOnMaN for the links. Despite the tendancy for games based on movies to be sub par, I'm still going to keep an eye out for this one. I'll wait until the review to decide whether I'll get it or not.

Also I noticed misjuevos suggesting that some of us (or just me) might have 'selective memories' when it comes to Wolverine movie games and said that Wolverine's Revenge was the better game. Frankly that was a bit obnoxious. You have your opinion, but you should respect that other people might not share that viewpoint. Personally I found Origins a more accessible and fun to play as opposed to Wolverine's Revenge which to me was a bit more clunky and stiff.

That's my 'opinion' though and I respect that others have theirs and I'm not trying to flame anyone, but I don't appreciate people suggesting theirs is absolute.

Getting back on topic. I do hope that they can get Evans, Weaving and co. to do the voices. Even if it is an average game at best it makes the experience better.

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