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Default Re: Captain America: Super Soldier (The Video Game)

New info about Super Soldier Video Game (Wii Version):

- Not a port of the PS3/360 versions
- Made specifically for Wii
- Over-the-top cartoonish graphics
- Focuses on Wiimote gameplay

- High Voltage is the developer
- Takes place during World War II
- Captain America is infiltrating a castle that Hydra has made into its base
- Enemies from the comic books in the game including Lady Hydra

- Aim at your target with the Wiimote pointer
- Tap a button to throw Captain America’s signature weapon
- Times slows down when you hold the C button
- Captain America can paint numerous targets at once in this mode

- When you release the button, shield thrown automatically and goes from target to target, which stuns/knocks down enemies
- Can hide behind the shield if someone is attacking you
- If an enemy is firing a submachine gun, hold the block button and then use the pointer to point back at the enemy, bullets will deflect back where the pointer is facing

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