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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

Originally Posted by Byrd Man View Post
"But the boy I knew died all those years ago. You're an insane shell of that child. Jason Todd never came back, it was the Red Hood that was resurrected...

Jason Todd- 'Die For Darkseid'
That does it for me. I'm done spitting back words with Bruce for mere fun and games. If Damian tries to cut in again for our unofficial tag team, I will kick the twerp in the gut.

I'm killing this f****er now.

"Get the F***K off me, Bruce."

I lift my hands up, swinging them towards his ears and smacking them to discombobulate Bruce. As his grip is off the lapels of my coat, I push him off, punching him across the jaw as I get up and his ass falls on the wet pavement of the roof. I roll backwards, drawing my last few batarangs I have left in my belt pouch and ready them in my hands as I stand back up.

"So it's all out in the open. Nothing quite like it when someone says something you've thought about all along in your head out loud. You didn't think I was worth the effort or time. I'm sure that in a sick and twisted way The Joker did you a favor blowing me to bits."

"No more having to tell me how I shouldn't do this, shouldn't do that. Lecture lecture lecture. Bull***** bull***** bull*****. A constant pain in your butt. 'No, Jason, the idea is to induce pain in regions of the body that will be later recoverable so that they will be able to give us information, blah blah blah'; caring more about the scumbags I beat up more than my own self. Admit it. Say the damn words I want to hear it myself just like I heard you utter those words you said just now. SAY IT."

I take one of the batarangs, hurling it at Bruce and he tumbles to the side. He dodges it.

"Part of you was relieved that I was dead."

Taking my last two, one in each hand, I fling them at the same time.

Why. Won't. You. F***ing. Just. Die.

"Good news for you, Brucie."

He manages to dodge one, but not the other. One gets lodged right into his left thigh. Bullseye.

"I'm as good as dead. Yet again. As much as I was looking forward to this type of reunion with you, cannot say it was all my choice. Blood will be on one of our hands one way or another. Mark my words. Darkseid doesn't show mercy. So tell me, are you ready to let me down again?"

"Are you gonna let me 'Die for Darkseid'?"

Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1 View Post
Aquaman can only be whole when he loses that hand again and reclaims the super-awesome water hand. It's one of comics' great paradoxes.

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