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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX


"Hello? Come in? Can anyone actually here me on one of these things?"

By the time I hear the voice over the cowl-link to Oracle's frequency, I'm in the midst of crossing onto Dixon and Grant, heading straight home on the Ducati. Which I just spent an hour trying to grab from the scene of where the police were booking those hoods. In all the chaos and my frustration with Steph, I had forgotten it and left the bike wide open for some hapless dealer to waltz on up to the scene, jump it and strip the engine for parts. And that was only in the case of the security features being shut down, in which they'd probably be fried to a crisp from the electro-relay or pinned to a wall with ballistics gel. It was an amateur mistake and I'd deserve full blame if anything had happened - this is exactly the kind of stuff that I'm trying to avoid.

But the closer I get to home, the more persistent that the voice on the frequency grows. I figured Barb would have responded by now, but I didn't take into account the fact that she's probably dealing with Birds related business. Cass usually doesn't respond to any direct calls unless it's top priority. Dick's probably either left town or in the middle of a case. And Bruce is... well, he's Bruce. So with a growing agitation to hide in my voice, I tap into the frequency and immediately change course, preparing myself to head in whichever direction this is gonna lead me.

"Red Robin here. Go ahead."

"Finally! Thank god, I was... wait, Red Robin?"

I take a moment to remind myself that people are still getting used to that codename.

"Used to be Robin. Long story. Who is this?"

"Batwoman. One of the new operatives. I don't think we've met."

That's right. Bruce told us about her a couple of months ago. She was on a trial-by-trial basis within the team as his new mole inside of the Gariaski drug ring. Given that his entire staff was arrested and he was slapped with multiple counts of extortion and racketeering within the same month, I'd say she passed.

"I've heard of you. What do you need?"

"Alright. Listen carefully. I know this is gonna sound weird, but..."

I smirk to myself. "You're new to the business, I take it?"

"No, listen to me. This is seriously freaking me out, because Arkham..."

My smirk fades at the sound of that name.

Arkham. Never a good addition to any sentence.

"What about it? Someone trying to escape?"

"No, it..."

There's a pause.


"It's demolished. Completely, utterly demolished. There was a bright light, I could see it from blocks away, and it... it's just gone. The prisoners are running riot, the police aren't here to put them down, and I don't know what to do. This is way out of my league."

"Come in, come in, this is Oracle speaking. Anyone within the area of Gotham needs to move in to Arkham Asylum, now. I have a clear visual. It's been bombed."

Bombed? Oh, crap.

I immediately jam the clutch and burn rubber revving the engine to full speed, taking off straight for the West Bridge. There's a direct route to Arkham Island from there that was built after the place was rebuilt from The Joker's last little rampage on the grounds. It was either after that or the time that Wonder Woman was driven insane and let loose on the city as a whole.

And with that thought, I realize just how insane my life really is.

"Oracle, I'm heading there now. Batwoman, stay there and deploy as much tear gas as you can. Take on any of the prisoners heading for the mainlands, but do not engage any of the heavies. You'll know them because they'll already be back in their costumes."

"Got it. Where are you?"

"About a six minute drive across town. You have to hold them off until I get there. ETA for me's about three minutes, tops."

"Shouldn't I try to call for backup, or something?"

"No. Oracle will handle that. And in an emergency like this, either back-up comes to us... or they're not coming at all."

I shut down the comm and weave into freeway traffic, doing about 110 and climbing.

Is it wrong that I really want to turn around right now?

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