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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

I'm halfway through scouting out a Russian drug smuggling ring when I hear it. A low hum that vibrates through my body, knocking dust and debris off of the building I'm perched on. I drop the binoculours I was looking through and look up.

"Oh my..." I mutter.

A very high tech stealth bomber passes over head, heading out towards Arkham Asylum. I ignore the Russian mobsters and pull out my grapnel line, starting to make my way across the rooftops towards Arkham.

Then the bombs drop. The light flares up, blinding me in the night's sky. I grunt and roll on the last building I landed on, waiting for my eyes to stop ringing and my eyesight to go back to normal.

"Come in, come in, this is Oracle speaking. Anyone within the area of Gotham needs to move in to Akrham Asylum, now. I have a clear visual. It's been bombed."

"I'm on the ground Oracle. See if you can organise the fire department, I'm going to see if I can identify any runners," I say into the mike in my ear.

I make my way down to ground level and head towards the rubble that used to be the only thing keeping the insane scum of the city from the rest of the population of Gotham.

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**** went down.

It may or may not have also 'got real'.
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