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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

For a moment, Helena's gonna have to be put on hold. I've already alerted Harley Quinn, I'm sure she can start it off without me.

The compute runs a list of names of heroes in Gotham.

Originally Posted by Batman View Post

"Oracle, I'm heading there now. Batwoman, stay there and deploy as much tear gas as you can. Take on any of the prisoners heading for the mainlands, but do not engage any of the heavies. You'll know them because they'll already be back in their costumes."
I pick up the signal of Red Robin. I nod. He seems to be talking to Batwoman through the other line. "I need you two to stay in the area, do not go off and chase after anyone. That is an order."

Originally Posted by Catman_prb View Post
"I'm on the ground Oracle. See if you can organise the fire department, I'm going to see if I can identify any runners," I say into the mike in my ear.
"Do what you can, Dick. I'm calling in back-up as we speak."

I type away for a few moments, before three faces appear on the screen.

"Zatanna move in to Gotham, now!"

They each reply back, filling me in. They're on their way. Then, two more monitors buzz on. One on Keystone and one on Star City. A gang war and what seems to be... a raging animal? Quite raged....

"Green Arrow and Red Arrow respond! I need you in Star City now!"

I then sharply move on to the screen that shows Keystone, rubbing my temples gently

"Black Canary, Red Tornado and Flash, assemble at Keystone,"

I take a second and step back, brushing my hair back and examining the chaos. Destruction, everywhere. It's only Metropolis that's left...

"Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Hawkman, renedevous at Metropolis and keep guard for any unusual occurunces."

The country's in chaos at I'm at the centre.


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