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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

Originally Posted by Carnage27 View Post

I shake Garfield;s hand, "Nice to meet you, Gar."

Then turning to the others I ask, "So...what's been going on here?"

"Recruitment drive," Megan responds. "We're a bit short staffed at the moment. Obviously."

It is obvious. The place is dead, and the team is smaller then it's ever been. Still, I'm back and so it's Beast Boy. That at least counts for something. "Well, I'm back. And I wouldn't doubt if Kara came back soon as well. She has some stuff to sort out, but it sounded like she'd be back at some point."

"Thank you, God," Zach smiles.

"You know she's engaged, Zach," I shoot him a sarcastically dirty look.

"Not in my mind she isn't," he smiles back.
"Hey, um, team?"

I turn to the living room, where Gar has turned on the TV. A news report is showing frightening images of Star City under siege. However, it's not the damage the city is taking which is frightening. It's the red and white blur causing all of it. And I've seen that red and white blur enough times to recognize exactly who it is.


"Well, now seems as good a time as ever to test out the teleportation spell I've been working on..."

"Zach, the last time you tried a teleportation spell, you ended up 135 miles away from the destination," Megan warns cautiously.

Zach frowns. ""

"And your clothes didn't survive the trip," I remind him.

"Well, I've been practicing." Noticing the skeptical looks on our faces, he insists, "I have!"

"Rock-paper-scissors for who has to carry Zach?"

Pouting, Zach mutters, "I need to get me some non-flying friends."

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