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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

"Do what you can, Dick. I'm calling in back-up as we speak." Babs voice quirks up over the comm bead, but I'm already moving.

There are dead bodies in the rubble; guard, inmate and civilian alike. I can't see any major players in the debris, which isn't particularly comforting. It just means that they're going to be making their way out on their own.

The sirens wailing from inside are a good sign - at least some of the guards have got it together enough to lock down the secure section of the facility. Not that it matters to some more notable inmates. Who are right now heading for where I'm standing.

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"Could you use a hand Nightwing?"
I suppress a shudder. I hate it when someone gets right up behind me without me noticing - it sets me distinctly on edge. I take a look at Captain Marvel. I've never really had much to do with him, presumably because he's off fighting against the magical forces of evil. But his wholesome exterior can be a bit creepy set against a setting like this. I smile.

"Sure can," I say, nodding as amongst colleagues "We could do with clearing the rubble to look for survivors, but we're going to need to keep the current inmates down until backup arrives,"

A figure emerges from the smoke and I ready my escrima sticks. The figure turns out to be a guard, stumbling over the rubble, a nasty headwound covering his face in blood. I catch him before he collapses, and lay him down in a relatively clear patch of ground.

"You okay buddy?" I ask, checking for any life threatening wounds. He coughs.

"Cash and the other guards are still in there. It's chaos," he splutters.

"It's okay, I'm on it," I say, giving him a reassuring pat on the shoulder, before looking at Captain Marvel "I'm going in - I need you to hold the line until back up gets here,"

I move before Billy can say anything, heading into the smokey nightmare that is Arkham Asylum.

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**** went down.

It may or may not have also 'got real'.
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