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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX


I give a sideways look at Zach and joke, "Fine. But if I swear you try that 'Oh I'm falling let me grab on to a naughty part' stunt again I will drop you."

Somehow I can feel Connor's eyes dart towards Zach and I, and I hope he realizes that was a joke. We're headed on a mission, and we can't afford stupid things like unfounded jealousy getting in the way. Luckily, I know Connor is bigger than that. At least I hope he still is.

Levitating off the ground, I swoop over and scoop Zach up as the team heads for Star City. Before liftoff, Garfield transforms into some kind of bug and Megan carries him in her hand.

Once we're in the city, the team touches down, and the devastation caused by the Kryptonian canine is surprising, even to me.

A blur catches my eye, and I speed into Krypto with all my speed, "Bad boy, Krypto! Very bad boy!"

But the enraged animal doesn't respond at all, and bucks me off, sending me twirling through the air. I look back at the team, "Some help would be great!"

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