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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

Originally Posted by Carnage27 View Post

A blur catches my eye, and I speed into Krypto with all my speed, "Bad boy, Krypto! Very bad boy!"

But the enraged animal doesn't respond at all, and bucks me off, sending me twirling through the air. I look back at the team, "Some help would be great!"
Zachary Zatara

"With these delicate features? If I get so much as dog drool on my tux I'm charging Superman."

I plant my feet and search around until I spot the blur whipping across the street, swatting down lampposts and cracking the concrete. I focus as hard as I can on the rabid dog and picture what I'm going for.

"Epac nrut ot leets hsael!" I shout and suddenly the red part of the blur turns a shiny gray. As the steel leash starts slamming into cars and buildings, causing even more damage, I shrug and look over to Kon. "Go get your dog, dawg."

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