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Default Re: Legends of Batman toy line (90s)

Originally Posted by Goshdarn Batman View Post
Out of all the Batman toys that came out when I was a kid, my personal favorite is still "Legends of Batman".
I still wonder what that was about! Anyway, here's a list of the figures I had:

- Crusader Batman
- Power Guardian Batman
- Knightquest Batman
- The Riddler
- Skybat
- The Batmobile

Ah, I miss the 90s...

I didn't have a lot of those figures, I had more from the excellent BTAS line...but like I said, LOB will always be my favorite. Unfortunately, I'm unable to upload any pictures now, but if you have any, please share.

And pleasepleaseplease tell me which figures you had, fun memories etc.
I know I had the Knightsend and Knightquest figs. They were really sweet and looked more detailed than many figures of the time period.

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