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Default Re: Legends of Batman toy line (90s)

Originally Posted by Mondragon View Post
The Skybat looks like he's built his own Animal-Zord, is Batman looking to hook up with a Power Rangers?
"It's Flyin' Broodin' Rodent Rangers: Batzord! Fly high in the sky with the Bat Ranger's mechanical friend. Batzord...Bat Ranger not included!"

"Meet Brewster Wayne, the coolest guy in Gotham High. He may seem like a normal, handsome, rich guy with his own lamborghini and butler...but in reality, Brewster is the leader of The Flyin' Broodin' Rodent Rangers. With his best friends Serena Kyle, Rick Grayson and Harvey "The Face" Kent and their trusty robot butler Alpha-Red, he leads a never-ending battle against the evil Jokorr from planet Rictus 2000 as the Bat-tastic Bat Ranger! It's Broodin' time!"

Unite the sev..uh...six!
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