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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by Deathstroke View Post

But from a Hollywood point of view, I don't think Cavill's acting will ever get him into any of the upper echelon Oscar circles.
Most likely not. But stranger things have happened. If Mark Wahlberg can get an Oscar nomination, so could Cavill. If he's directed by Martin Scorsese of course.

Originally Posted by Deathstroke View Post
He really isn't a great breakthrough star like Garfield.
Now that's an exaggeration. Garfield is hardly what you could call a breakthrough star, for now anyway.

Originally Posted by Deathstroke View Post
He's okay. Serviceable. Good enough.
As an actor in general, yes in a way. For the role of Superman? Way more than that. Brandon Routh was those things. Cavill, I honestly and objectively (Im far from a fanboy of his, didn't even know who he was before he was cast) don't think there is anyone out there (aside from a possible undiscovered complete unknown) who would be a better fit for the role of Superman as Cavill. On paper he literally seems to have it ALL. Way more than merely ok.good enough.servicebale. That's just false (and unfair).

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