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Default Re: Rumor: Bale may be back as Batman in JL - Part 1

I'm all for Blake as Batman for solo movies. It seems obvious that WB are keeping the Nolanverse open for the next few years.

And they want Batman movies. Bale seems only likely to sign one JL movie. I love the idea of him setting it up. Using the idea based on Batman Inc., where he is the one that sets up the JL, his last act as a noble hero to protect the world.

Lucius knows he's alive. And with the Synderverse merging with the Nolanverse, it may seem likely he will have Lucius and WE sponsor the JL and build Watchtower. As in the comics he has WE sponsor Batman Inc. This, directly tying into Blake's time in Gotham.

It's too good to pass up imo.

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