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Default Re: Disney shutting down LucasArts

Called it. Honestly, Lucasarts deserved to be shut down.

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
Great article by IGN on LucasArts

Though I admit I think it's great because it echoed a lot of things I've been saying the last few years: LucasArts, of all the major publishers has been one of the dumbest and most incompetent publishers of them all. The Force Unleashed games suck and I honestly don't care for the lego or kinect games at all. Worse enough, there hasn't been any sequels to any of their franchises that made them a success during the xbox/ps2/gc gen. No sequels to:

Republic Commando
Jedi Knight

And yet The Force Unleashed gets a f**king sequel. Say what you want about Activision, EA, Ubisoft, etc. At least they've released successful and popular games this gen. Lucasarts has been slipping so much. I know they have problems with the developer for Battlefront III, but they could have given another studio the opportunity instead of cancelling it. And 1313 can still be possible instead of cancelling it. LucasArts needs to get their s**t together.
Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
Disney should do a fire sale. Of all the studios this gen, LucasArts have been by far the most disappointing. I don't understand how you don't make sequels to your most successful games (I know they had BF3 in the works but they stopped with the developer in which there's controversy over and didn't restart). This is the opposite extreme of what Activision does.

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