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Default Marvel Studios making original films?

So while visiting my local comic store this afternoon, i saw the Django unchained comic series and it got me thinking. What would you think about Marvel taking original scripts and making movies not necessarily based on superheroes, and not necessarily part of the MCU and then possibly adapt them into comics down the line, kind of like the reverse of what they are doing right now?

I see a few benefits of this. It could keep them from becoming played out or stale, they could branch out deeper into other genres and just have a more diversified portfolio as a movie studio. Also they could make movies with much smaller budgets, with more adult-themes,possibly work with great directors who are not interested in doing superhero movies. Of course CBM's will still be their bread and butter though.

They've introduced an original character (Coulson) in the movies who is now found his way into the comics and animated shows as well. Think they can take the next step and do entirely original films?

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