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Default Re: Marvel Studios making original films?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post

I dunno. I'd prefer that they not do that unless they're willing to increase their output to more than two movies a year. We're having to beg and plead to get our favorite characters on the big screen right now as it is; I'd hate to see their odds decrease even further over the inclusion of some original characters --- worse yet, non-MCU and/or non-genre.
Oh i'm not saying they should do this at the cost of their CBM's. Not at all. Superhero blockbusters will still be their main thing. What i mean is they could add to their repertoire. By the time Avengers 2 comes around, the MCU will officially be the highest grossing franchise in film history, and they'd have done this in under 7 years.

They've been insanely successful and will continue to be. They can still pump out 2-3 MCU tentpoles a year and add 2 much smaller-budgeted original action movies. They could do a film like Chronicle, a martial arts epic, an r-rated spy thriller etc.

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