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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by DarKush View Post
In response to some of Ben Kenobi's post:

-You made a great point about bringing Anakin in as a pilot hired to fly Qui Gonn, etc. to Coruscant. I would've liked that more. I preferred an older Anakin in TPM anyway. Though I probably would've switched Tatoonine for Corellia instead. In part because I would've liked to have seen more Star Wars worlds. And I would've switched Alderaan for Naboo. It would've been nice to see more of that world. It perhaps could've added more resonance to Episode IV and been some dreadful foreshadowing of what was to come.
I agree too that Alderaan should have been Naboo, but I was trying to make small suggestions without entirely rewriting the script. Things that a second editor could have pointed out, but yeah we're totally on the same page.

-I don't quite agree with you about Palpatine not wanting the treaty signed. You make some good points though about how it might not have made sense for him to want the treaty to be signed. However if Padme had folded and signed it, I still think he could've engineered a no confidence vote in Valorum using the chancellor's inability to prevent the Trade Federation from forcing Naboo to sign the treaty.
That's not a sound plan, if they "negotiated" then the treaty is legal and it would be very difficult to argue that point. Not to mention Palpatine did some other stupid things like sending Darth Maul after the Queen? Was he going to use her death as an example? Maybe but it's never stated or implied so we don't know. He also handled it so badly. Again if we were rewriting it, the Empire was made up of Space Nazi's, Palpatine should have been Space Hitler coming to save the galaxy from ruin after the Clone Wars.

-I too didn't think it made much sense for Dooku to be trying to kill Padme, since she was a strong opponent of the Military Creation Act. What would've made more sense there is for Padme to support the Act. If there had been a Republic military it is doubtful that the Federation would've been able to blockade her planet, so it made no sense for her to be against the act. I think Lucas didn't think that would jibe with her idealism. However I think it would've been great to see Padme unknowingly more complicit in the rise of the Empire too.
Nothing really to add to that. It makes sense why Dooku wanted her dead from the audiences perspective but it makes zero sense from Padme's.

-I also thought it would've been sweet if the seeds of the Rebellion were actually the defeated Separatists.
It was an easy opportunity. It's a reverse of the revelation in Empire, Obi-Wan is unknowingly on the wrong side and doesn't accept the real heroes offer and in bitter irony the Jedi are responsible for their own fall as well as the Republic's.

-I also would've not made Dooku a Sith Lord. He was a good Sith Lord. But I liked the idea he floated in AOTC when he was trying to deceive Obi Wan. I think it would've been better if Dooku was actually rebelling against the Republic in a misguided attempt to save it. He would perhaps be a dupe of Palpatine still but for more noble reasons. Or maybe he would just be that one man who could really see what was going on but ultimately powerless to prevent it. And his turning away from the Republic might be better foreshadowing for Anakin's fall.
I agree, if Dooku was able to sway enough Jedi they would look like traitors. Not to mention the way they treated Anakin it would make sense why he sides with Palpatine, believing the whole time he's staying on the good side as he slowly slips to evil. This split in the order would also be a perfect set up for the Obi-Wan/Anakin conflict that finally emerges. Again I feel this was an obvious missed opportunity, had the guy just reread his own work a few times.

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