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Default Re: Theory: A3 will not be an Avengers movie but a crossover with GotG and Inhumans

I could see the merging of the brands mentioned by Vin consisting of a epic crossover between GOTG, Avengers, and Inhumans. In fact it sounds like exactly like something Marvel would do! Although I could see Marvel still labeling it Avengers:The Thanos Imperative but I have this cool image of the A on Annihilation being the Avengers logo.

With all the cosmic activity Marvel seems to be building both on screen and in the comics, a merging of the brands being a crossover between these three teams start seeming like a no-brainier. (As much as I wanted to believe the merging was some involvement from Spider-Man) Just thinking about it is exciting, adding Black Panther and Doctor Strange in the mix would add to that. Not exactly part of all that Cosmic stuff but come on Marvel...please! I could see the TV characters on screen too, I like to look at Star Trek as an example of TV to film appearances.

A two-parter would be great, with such a huge crossover they would be so many characters to cover. In fact what about one part being Avengers:The Thanos Imperative and the other part being Annihilation:The Thanos Imperative?

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