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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

I'd like to make a point to the people who said that Lucas asked for help with the script on TPM , my understanding of it was that he asked Kasadan a few weeks before filming was supposed to start , at a speaking engagement or something. EP1's script is the only one he put real effort and time into, EP2 and EP3 didn't get a script until filming started and even then there were significant changes in the story through reshoots and editing. What amazes me is that the elevator scene in AOTC was added after the 1st cut of the movie because Lucas realized he needed a scene to introduce Obi Wan and Anakin. I can't even imagine how they were going to be introduced otherwise? The pacing of AOTC is a complete mess, we go from a pretty interesting introduction with the bombing of Padme's ship to coming to a complete halt with a meeting in Palpatine's chamber which is all exposition that doesn't make any sense, especially the stuff about Dooku who the audience hasn't heard anything about or met yet. It's terrible exposition too.

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