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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

This person gets it.

At the midpoint of this movie, he is still a hero, a decent guy trying to do the right thing.

He finds out that Palpatine is the Sith Lord, which means Palpatine is corrupted by the dark side, and which also means that Palpatine has been lying to everyone -- the Senate, the public, everyone. It means Palpatine is a big, fat liar.

Anakin does the right thing -- he reports the information to Mace Windu.

Then, when he bursts in on Windu battling Palpatine, he doesn't dispute that Palpatine is a criminal who needs to be arrested -- the dispute is just whether Palpatine should be summarily executed, or should be given due process.

Anakin, quite reasonably, takes the position that Palpatine should be taken alive and tried. When Mace ignores him and prepares to kill Palpatine, Anakin stops him, cutting off his hand.

Palpatine then reveals he was not as badly wounded as he pretended and blasts Mace with lightning while screaming something like, "ultimate power!" Mace is now dead.

Anakin immediately says, "Oh my God, what have I done?"

Up to this point, everything Anakin has done is understandable and defensible. And you would expect his next step -- having just seen further confirmation that Palpatine is a duplicitous murderer who wants "ultimate power" to rule the galaxy -- would be to try to arrest Palpatine himself.

But this is where Anakin's behavior goes completely off the rails. Now that he has received all the possible confirmation he could ever want that Palpatine is an evil liar, he suddenly joins him and takes a vow of loyalty as his apprentice!

And we are supposed to believe that he does this because Palpatine has suggested he might be able to help him use the dark side to prevent Padme from dying. The only reason Anakin has for believing this is possible is the word of Palpatine himself -- who Anakin knows is an extreme liar! And even Palpatine admits that he himself doesn't even know how to do it -- that only "Darth Plagueis" did, and he is dead.

Moreover, based on this absurdly weak rationale, Anakin immediately accepts orders to destroy the Jedi Temple and kill all Jedi he finds, even young children. How could Anakin -- who just a matter of moments before was ready to see Palpatine arrested and tried for treason -- suddenly be willing to slaughter children on Palpatine's orders? Because Palpatine tells him doing so will make him strong enough with the dark side to discover the "secret" of saving Padme?

Anyone with an IQ over 10 would be able to see that Palpatine wasn't genuinely interested in helping Anakin -- that there would be no saving Padme. How could Anakin be so stupid?

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