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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Thundercrack85 View Post
I actually saw the Jedi Order as pretty corrupt by the end of the prequel movies. They were part of a semi-authoritarian regime, using clones as disposable soldiers, and then you have Mace ready to kill Palpatine without any trial.
First off, the Jedi were forced to use the clones because the Republic demanded that they do so (To quote Obi-wan, "Our alliegeance is to the senate.").

Second, Mace said it himself that Palpatine has control of the senate and the courts. Palpatine was never going to get a fair trial as long as all the senators are influenced by him (which is why Nute Gunray was never thrown in jail for his hostile takeover of Naboo in TPM) and Mace knew that he was too dangerous to be left alive which is why he had to kill him. Now, Anakin is confusing this situation with what happened to Count Dooku because either Anakin doesn't realize or doesn't care to see that Palpatine has lied to him about both situations (about Dooku being a threat and Palpatine being helpless). All Anakin cares about is saving Padme and he thinks Palpatine holds the key to saving her so he stops Mace from killing Palpatine, not realizing that Palpatine was faking his weakness which led him to murder Mace.

Why would Anakin believe anything Palpatine says to him?? The same reason why he never told the Jedi that he married Padme or that he slaughtered an entire village of sandpeople....he is scared and in denial. Anakin knows that he's doomed himself by helping a Sith lord but he's incapable of accepting responsibility for his actions and he always blames other people for his problems. To admit what he's done would mean facing the wrath of the Jedi including Obi-wan but Anakin didn't want them to come after him which is why he agreed to help PalpSidious murder all the Jedi.

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