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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by CountOrlok View Post
I understand his vision, I just think he executed it horribly. As others have said, nothing really important happens in TPM or AOTC. ROTS is massively overrated, though. It has all the same problems of the previous two.
Actually a lot of important things happen in Episode 1 and 2. Both movies do a really good job of showing how the Jedi order had lost their way. Both showed why the order needed to be cleansed and a new era to begin. The Jedi where stuck on rules and codes and stopped trusting the will of the force. Episode one show that the jedi had stop really listen to the will of the force. Episode 2 shows us that jedi because of their rules and codes and refusel to listen to will force that they no longer where able to see things they should have. Episode 3 was the consequence of the inabilith to change.

So no I disagree episode 1 and 2 are rather important to the saga. Just watching episode 3 doesnt tell you anything other then how Anakin goes over to the Darkside. If you skip the first two then you might as well skip the third one cause the first two set up the third film. Thats just my opinion any way.

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