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Default Re: The official X-men First Class BD/DVD thread

Originally Posted by RachelDawes View Post
Too bad the scenes with Moira were deleted. Their relationship needed the development. Also, the part where Erik and Charles ran into one another in the hallway was funny.

Vaughn should've kept the expanded scene with Banshee as well. When I was watching the movie I couldn't figure out why they'd thrown him out a window without a safety net. Turns out there were some bushes below him.

Did the scene of Erik in the airport remind anyone else of Rogue in X1 when she saw that mother cuddling her child?
I don't really support Moira/Charles in this movie because to me FC was too busy SCREAMING at me that there was something going on between Erik and Charles. But when I heard there were going to be scenes between M/C I was excited because I thought it would give the sudden kiss at the end some cred. I heard too that the scenes really helped develop Moira as a character, something else I wanted to see.

I was so disappointed. The first scene is fun but the atmosphere is very rushed. I do like though that Moira had the professionalism "yeah you're cute but technically I'm in charge of you so this can't happen", it gave her some personality. However the second scene feels even MORE rushed and out of left field than the kiss that was left in. :/ I didn't feel that it developed their relationship at all or her as a character. They go from drinking wine to making out in all of 20 seconds, with no lead-up or anything. These too-short scenes could have been put in or taken out and I would still consider Moira to be pretty useless and still not be convinced that she was anything more to Charles than a good lay. :P It's too bad, because in other versions she's useful and badass

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