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Default Re: The official X-men First Class BD/DVD thread

Originally Posted by henzINNIT
Hell yeah. I'm a straight man and I'd struggle lol

Lol, wouldn't we all?

Originally Posted by Nerial View Post
And I didn't like the one where Charles got frustrated with Alex after he specifically asked Alex to use his powers. That was out-of-character, so I'm glad it was cut.
I agree, but I also understand why they tried it - an angrier/stressed out version of Charles.

I guess it's something that came from James himself. He says that whenever he plays a character, even a "good man" type of character, he likes to give said character an edge. Because he says it's impossible for a person to be entirely good and perfect. But when he tried doing it while playing Robbie in Atonement, Joe Wright told him "Look, he's just a good guy, so forget about it. Play him like a good guy". But even so James managed to give Robbie some kind of edge, when Robbie goes mad and barks at Briony after saving her from her faked drowing - which some people thought was out-of-character for Robbie to do, btw.

I think he tried it again with Charles, to give him this edge, but it went too far - the scene didn't look good. Like I said, I understand Charles being kind of frustrated while training Alex, and he was dealing with a new - and certainly stressful - situation in his life, but he sounded and acted too pissed off, even scary, and was certainly totally out-of-character for Charles. The idea for the scene was good, not the development.

Honestly, the only scene that I really, really wished they had kept was the one with Charles visiting Moira in her room. It was so playful and fun, and the two of them had great chemistry. Loganbabe, don't tell me you didn't just love that part, too.
I loved it, I laughed too much! James has a wonderful comedy timing, which is quite interesting because he almost only plays tragic characters. I guess it just comes naturally to him, because of his fun-loving personality. It's a pity that the scene was cut, because it's quite rare to see the funny side of his characters on screen.

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