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Default Re: The official X-men First Class BD/DVD thread

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
I agree Charles could have kept the edge but I think he could have just snapped at Alex to get the fire extinguisher and left it at that. Yelling at him for not being in control of his powers when the whole point of the exercise was to learn to control his powers was.. stupid. Leave Charles' edge to the sequel, where we will hopefully get to see him walk through fire and lose his **** at some point.
That's a good reason to cut the scene, isn't it? My guess is, it looked good in the script but looked out-of-character in the movie. So they deleted it.

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
The more times I've seen the first M/C scene the less I like it. I still like the bit before it where Erik and Charles are both sneaking around and Charles' gratuitous show-offy use of his powers with Abracadabra but the rest is just... so darn awkward! He seems too desperate, too fast. I've read a couple mini-articles that suggest McAvoy is playing Charles as a closeted gay guy in this scene and while I don't really agree I very much understand why they came to that conclusion. A friend of mine in university was certainly gay but so deep in denial. When he was hitting on a mutual (girl)friend, he came off very much like Charles did in this scene, rushed and awkward and trying to get right to it like she was his last attempt at a hetero lifestyle (and in the end she was, he came out a few days after she shot him down).

Again, I don't consider Charles to be gay. But this scene just feels less and less romantic to me and more desperate every time I watch it. It could be that Charles is just incredibly, indiscriminately horny here.
Jeez...they wrote up the same thing with Routh's Superman and Spock & Kirk's relationship--apparently all good-looking men are closeted homosexuals (of course, the not-so-hot ones are left for us women, but whatever).

I've known men who try to over-compensate and be players or be over-manly in order to hide the fact that they're actually gay; I didn't get that vibe here at all. Just like some people with low-self esteems over-compensate by coming off as arrogant...but there are people who are simply arrogant. No need to over-analzye it.

I got the impression that Charles is having fun like a typical, twenty-something guy. He's playful, he's a little arrogant and he wants to get laid. But, even above all that, Moira is the first woman he's actually shown his abilities to. So he's probably even more interested in her for that alone; he's able to be himself around her and she's obviously fascinated by what he can do. So, being rejected by her might sting a little more than normal and the fact that his typical, charming one-liners didn't work either was probably a slap in the face as well.

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
On a side note, I'm curious to know what Moira was thinking at him to make him retreat so hastily without any argument whatsoever. She already told him no and I think had he just read "No is NO." in her mind he would have retreated simply disappointed and possibly self-assured that she would eventually come around. But he seems more shocked/uncomfortable than anything.
Ah...if we didn't hear it, my guess is that she probably said more than, "no means no." I think she totally blasted his butt for being unprofessional, assuming she'd just climb into bed with him, and there was probably some other choice phrases that a PG-13 movie doesn't allow...and THAT made him uncomfortable. Not knowing what she said, but seeing his reaction was priceless.

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
Still mad she gave up her convictions for that kiss though. This scene was pretty much the only one in the movie where she had any kind of authority over someone.
Are you talking about the deleted scene with the wine? Yeah, I agree there. I'm glad that scene was cut. It felt rushed and the dialogue was, um...a bit much. The mutation angle was cute with him hitting on women in the bars, but it was overkill in that later scene (of course, that scene was cut, but meh). And the scene itself lasted ten seconds and they didn't discuss anything of value. It felt very forced, unfortunately.

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