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Default Re: The official X-men First Class BD/DVD thread

Originally Posted by Nerial View Post
I would have loved a psychic battle in this movie, but I think having one in the sequel when Charles can't walk will have a deeper impact. Like saying, "Yeah, I'm still one powerful badass; don't under-estimate me because I'm in a wheelchair." I like that idea and hope that's one reason they didn't put it in this movie.
EXACTLY. I've read that Matthew Vaughn may be ableist (IIRC he said something like "Magneto needs a new nemesis cuz Charles is in a wheelchair"<----WTF!!!!) but I hope that was just a misguided quote. Erik needs a new nemesis anyway because he and Charles are in the grey area between allies and enemies and I can't seem either of them up for fighting in the sequel. Maybe if they made 3 movies, at the end of the third one.
Having Charles be at a physical disadvantage may also mean he has a lot more time to consider the mental advantages he never realized he had. Using them against Frost and winning against her would be awesome. He can't just be a poor helpless character "because he's in a wheelchair". He needs to find ways to rise above his disadvantages and become stronger for them.

I think we've both said it before but he needs to walk through fire in the next movie and come out with power that he couldn't have fathomed. I'm trying to remember in the older movies too if we ever got a sense of his power beyond telepathic messages and using cerebro. I don't think we did. I'd like to see him use a bit of rage to get stronger and dial it back a bit when he realizes that's not the way he wants to end up.
As for the "romance," I, personally, don't believe that every strong relationship has to be a sexual one. We just seem so eager to sexualize everything. I think people can deeply love and respect each other without wanting to screw one another in the process--those emotions don't have to go hand-in-hand.
Oh definitely. And I think there are tons of famous examples out there. Kirk and Spock, Sherlock and Watson, excellent friendships with excellent bromance. But Erik and Charles have something more going on. I was actually having a really good discussion with a friend of mine about this. She pointed out that if the E/C relationship is sexual, it'd be sexual on a small scale and even then you'd have to define what "sexual" means to them. I agree with this. I don't think Charles and Erik spend the movie ravishing each other with their eyes. I think they're in love with each other, with sex being a rather belated element to it, if it even occurs to them at all. But still, they're much more than friends. Does that make sense? It's like having a crush on someone when you're younger, or being in an asexual relationship. They are like that, but so much more.

That being said, I think it's one of the best bromances I've seen, and I think that bromance is the reason this movie works at all--the main plot with Shaw wanting to just blow up everything feels cartoonish to me. These two actors (and characters) are what made this movie great. They have fantastic chemistry, and one thing I really hope to see in a sequel is their relationship as Erik turns more dark and Charles has to deal with his disability (they better do that right! SCI is a devastating condition and it would be an insult to the character not to explore that). But anyway....
Absolutely again. Whether you see the romance or not is irrelevant, as long as you can at least see the Bromance, which is indeed why the movie works. The most scathing of reviews still give the chemistry high marks. It's exactly the reason I want a sequel, to see these two brilliant actors sort out their demons individually and together and have this brittle relationship of friends and foes and tension that you really don't see anywhere else in the movies these days. To move onto X4, which would undoubtedly be a blow'emup movie that would ignore the nice character nuances put forward with FC would be an insult to the franchise. Finish the FC trilogy, finish the second Wolverine movie if you reeeeally have to, and then you can reboot the movies or hand the rights back to Marvel as you like. But these storylines deserve more in the meantime!

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