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Default Re: War Machine Spinoff

I want to see it but right now I don’t see it being greenlit. At the fanboy level there’s too much animosity, people who resent the character for being simply “the black Iron Man” and who wouldn’t blink if he were to be vaporized in the first five minutes of IM3.
I could see Rhodey fulfilling his current role of being the U.S. military’s official “Iron Man”, War Machine; being sent to global hot spots, Secret Avengers style.
If the producers wanted to be edgy, they could adopt the theme of one of the recent mini-series, where Rhodey goes rogue, with non-Stark armor, and goes off vigilante style against global warlords regardless of U.S./U.N. approval or not. This mini-series featured a gravely wounded, quadriplegic Rhodey who was bonded to his armor Robocop style.
Also, power-set wise, War Machine needs abilities that distinguish himself from Iron Man. In the aforementioned Greg Pak series, his armor had an assimilation power that could “absorb” machinery and weaponry from items/equipment that he touched, and so he could become literally a human tank or jet plane.

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