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Default Re: The Official Metal Gear Thread - Part 3

Going back to MGS2...

Again, my problem with the game wasn't the "bait and switch". My problem wasn't Raiden, my problem wasn't "observing" how bad ass Snake was through the eyes of a rookie...

My problem is Kojima wanted to find a way to get girls to play his games. He asked them what character design they liked... Of course the vast majority of females in Japan chose what we got.

I'll never forget my first major roll eyes moment in MGS2..."Snake" gets a new code name and unmasks once he's onboard the tanker. We go to slow motion as we see his silver hair float in the wind.

I really liked the game over all... Raiden as a whole just felt "forced" to me. He didn't have to be a carbin copy of Snake... But he didn't have to be extremely feminine either... Hell, look at Dante. Dude's got white (well.. Had white) hair and was still fairly awesome...

I'm past that... I'm over all ok with how it went down now. But I can still site them as my original issues with the character.

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