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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by Cunning Stunts View Post
They lay it out blatantly in The Dark Knight that if Harvey was caught using some of the tactics he was using (like when he tried to intimidate Thomas Schiff into giving him The Joker's plans), all the criminals would be back on the streets. His attacks on Ramirez and Wuertz would undoubtedly be lumped into the case that would be brought against the Dent Act when all the criminals' lawyers brought appeals to the courts.

The Dent Act would then get thrown out, due to being overshadowed by the insanity Dent would have been "uncovered" to have had.
Also, the mayor tells Dent "if they get anything on you, those criminals are back on the streets followed swiftly by you and me."

In that instance he's probably talking about tax evasion or a hooker problem and he still thinks it would jeopardize his convictions. Based on that, we can only assume multiple murder charges would be a disaster.

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