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Default Re: The Official GAMBIT Discussion thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Cardshark View Post
So this thread is dead...

What do you guys think of Gambits appearences in Legacy and Astonishing this week?
It's like having two different Gambits (maybe the Legacy one is a Skrull????). Liu's Gambit is the good ol' Cajun we love, and Legacy Gambit is getting more emo (if that's even possible at this point) and crappier. I wish they would take him out of Legacy all together.

Loved Gambit and Cece's interaction, and that Remy has the sense to live in NYC instead of Westchester (though I always thought of him as more as a Lower East Side kinda guy). Glad to see him stealing artwork again, and that picture with him and X-23 made my heart melt (sigh!).

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