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Default Re: The Official GAMBIT Discussion thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Cardshark View Post
I don't know, i know that quite a lot of writers and editors at Marvel like Gambit.

But yeah why is Legacy always Remys kryptonite?

I wonder if editorial is keeping Gambit in Legacy, because he's one of the best known characters or because the Gambit/Rogue thing is popular.

I wouldn't mind Gambits small role in Legacy, but he is just so out of character, he just dosen't read like Gambit.

My hope is that Gambit leaves Legacy some time soon and is the new member of X-force.
Because Carey only really cares about Rogue. In Legacy, Remy's sole purpose in life is to blow sunshine up her ass and be "supportive". So far I'm liking him much better in Astonishing. It was nice to see him have his own place away from the Xs, nice to see him helping out Cecilia the same way he did X23. That's more like his regular self.

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