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Default Re: One Earth: The Marvel/DC RPG

Originally Posted by Byrd Man View Post
Reed twisted and contorted his body into a corkscrew shape, avoiding the laser blast from Superman's eyes. Beside Reed, Rogers unslung the automatic weapon on his shoulder and opened fire at Superman. He dodged four of the five bullets shot, but the fifth dug into his shoulder with a sharp pain.

"Ahh!" He shouted, more from surprise than pain.

"Kryptonite bullets, dirtbag," Rogers said as he climbed off his horse. "Courtesy of Lex Luthor."

Superman yelled in rage and dove down towards Rogers, his fist out and prepared to liquidate the elderly man.

"NO!" Ben shouted. His fist slammed into Superman's face, dropping the alien to the ground just a few feet in front of Rogers. While Ben and Superman squared off, Rogers and his platoon opened fire on the rest of Doom's troops.

"Go!" He shouted at Reed and Sue. "Get to that damn Sphinx on the double!"
As the surrounding area exploded in bloody combat, Reed, Johnny, and Sue bolted for the Sphinx. After a quick scan of the structure, Richards discovered a hidden doorway and activated it, the solid "stone" of the Sphinx seemingly dissolving away to allow them access.

The three heroes entered the ancient time ship as the doorway seemingly melted back into solid form behind them. Reed and the other made their way into the Sphinx's belly section, which was a large room that was the central area connecting the rest of the ship.
But Reed and his family were not alone as they saw a familiar visage waiting for them there.

"Greetings, my friends", Doom spoke, his arms crossed over his chest as his imposing form barred the heroes' entrance to the ship's bridge.
"And here I had been beginning to think that I was wrong in my assumption you would come here. How unfortunate for you all that I am proven correct."

Without warning, Doom lashes out, firing a ray from his gauntlet at Johnny that hits him dead in the chest. Before the Torch can utter a syllable, he's frozen solid as his body is covered in a thick coating of ice.

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