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Default Re: One Earth: The Marvel/DC RPG

Doom looked into Reed's eyes, seeing the conviction behind his words, and his scarred lips curved up into a smile.

"There's the true Reed Richards I've always known. It feels good to wield the power of life and death, does it not? And to have the conviction to see your genocidal threats followed through?"

"I wonder, Reed"
, Victor sat forward on the lone cot inside the cell, "what your family would say if they knew that all your acts of altruism, all your purported heroics...that they were but a simple, well-crafted shell."

Doom rose to his feet as he continued to speak, walking right up to the cell's energy barrier and to Reed Richards.

"That underneath it all beat the cold, calculating, emotionless heart of a scientific mastermind", Doom stated softly as he stood looking Reed dead in the eyes mere inches from his hated rival, only the energy barrier of the cell separating them.
"Just like me..."

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