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Default Re: How Long Was Bruce Wayne Actually Batman in this Trilogy?

It doesn't really matter how long Bruce acted as Batman in this trilogy.

Sure, I also would have liked for him to stay a bit more active as Bat's after TDK ending, but try looking at it this way:

Over the course of three movies Nolan showed us a man fuelled by his rage, insecurities and burning purpose, who has travelled half the world for years, trained and honed his mind and body, faced and defeated his inner fears and issues, and then dealt a near fatal blow to the legendary League of Shadows in their own lair. Created his alter-ego from the ground up, took over Wayne Enterprises and his fathers legacy, terrorised Gotham mob and single-handedly almost eradicated organised crime in the city and inspired the few honest cops to move their asses and be more daring in their actions. Defeated three major comic-book supervillains (and that's even without counting Scarecrow and Two-face) and contained the mess they dropped upon Gotham. He went through a stage of brooding apathy and reclusion (in a way fitting for crazy introvert like Bruce) and came back stronger for it, Miller's TDKR style. Finally he prepeared the ground for his succesor and from an urban-myth he turned into a real legend.

No matter how many years or months have passed during all this, You have to admit, thats a pretty broad story arc, and as quintessential a potrayal of Batman as we ever got in a live-action series. The movie's are not supposed to fit in every single detail form the 60+ years of Batman's comic mythos. Instead are meant to take the overall, general essence of the characters story. When viewed as such, these three films make great work of building Batman as something extraordinary that happend to Gotham, while at the same time referencing many major elements from the comics. It's enough for me. With all this, it doesn't really matter if it was 2-3 years or a decade.

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