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Default Re: How Long Was Bruce Wayne Actually Batman in this Trilogy?

Mr. Zsasz was in Batman Begins.

The batcave being rebuilt with the computers, the suit hidden within it, etc..was to show that he hasn't moved on. Bruce is retired while the city is in peace but he's not. He's frozen in time as they say. He's dying for something bad to happen so he can rush into the suit and back on the computers and be the Batman again. You can say that it's left open in the sense that MAYBE he rebuilt it after TDK and he actually did go out once in a while. Or he just simply used the computers to keep an eye on the city and built it so he can be ready whenever something struck the city. Remember in his mind (at least for a portion of those 8 years) he's still Batman. And he has no life outside of that. He's trapped inside the bat without having the outlet of actually getting out there with the suit.

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