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Default Re: Who should be the villain in a MCU Fantastic Four Film?

Doom should be saved down the line. The ruler of Latveria shall take his rightful place as the ultimate nemesis for The Four to battle in the next movie after their introduction.

Should the next FF film be an origin film again(Marvel won't go that route again I'm sure) but in case they do why not opt for a villain who's perhaps a little bit less on the colorful side?

I nominate Franz Stohl who's first and last appearance was in the mini-series Fantastic Four:First Family written by Joe Casey and illustrated by Chris Wheaton.

Granted, he's not as visually striking as the rest of the Rogue's gallery but I think he has some potential and if Marvel wants to tackle the origin story again then he'd be the perfect foe to face against in the first film. Like the FF, he got his powers from the Cosmic Rays and he's as much of a telepath as he is a psychopath. Franz is what I would call a "Zealous Darwinist" since he believes that he's achieved the next phase of human evolution; viewing any normal non-powered human as 'inferior' or 'lessers'. The Four are initially horrified with their mutation but eventually decides to use their powers for the greater good while Stohl is ecstatic about them and wants to use them for the greater evil--he wants to spray the rest of humanity with cosmic rays so they can 'join' him in what he perceives as the next phase of human evolution. He's boastful about the potentialities that could arise in his vision of a reinvigorated species of super-humans free from the crippling ordinariness that hinders humanity. Having the FF face another individual who was affected by the cosmic rays would allow for some interesting thematic parallels.

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