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Default Re: Who should be the villain in a MCU Fantastic Four Film?

Originally Posted by UltimatePyro9 View Post
I went with Mole Man. Not just because he's the first supervillain the FF faced, but there could be some cool visuals. Think about it. It would be neat to see the FF face off against Mole Man and the Moloids in Subterranea. It would be a visual spectacle on par with Ant-Man. If there were an option to vote for another character, I would choose Annihilus for the same reason. I went with Mole Man, though, because he would be easier to utilize than Annihilus since he would be less special-effects heavy (just hiring an actor).

But whatever happens, don't use Doom again. He's the main course of supervillains. He's been used so many times on film, with each interpretation lacking in terms of character. Save him for the sequel, or if need be, give him his own movie and then Doom can fight the FF on their third movie. Just don't introduce Doom right now. Give him a break.
Yes to all of this. Doom's been used, and used badly, enough. (Much like Lex Luthor, in Superman movies.) I'd rather not see him until they can prove they can get their crap together with someone like the Mole Man or Annihilus.

If Doom were to be forecast, setting him up for later movies, perhaps he could have something to do behind-the-scenes (way, way behind-the-scenes) with the incursion into the Mole Man's realm that sets him off (or Annihilus finding his way to Earth, whatever). The viewers can know that a mysterious European dictator funded the expedition to exploit the resources of the inner world (or negative zone) or something, without the team actually ever knowing it's von Doom.

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