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Default Re: Who should be the villain in a MCU Fantastic Four Film?

Originally Posted by CaptainWagner View Post
I think you're confusing Mole Man with someone else...

I think Mole Man would be best involving some sort of extraterrestrial/extradimensional creatures that he's tasked with studying and finds some manner of way to control them. Perhaps they come from the Negative Zone, which would set up the F4 venturing there in a sequel. The first movie's focus will inevitably be on establishing the new heroes. But just because the villain isn't the highlight doesn't mean he can't be compelling or memorable.
Yeah, but past MCU movies do feature villains who not compelling or memorable, most of them are in that camp. Maybe they need a throwaway villain in the first movie just establish the four, but it would continue the trend of lackluster MCU villains. How would you make Mole Man compelling as a character and not just a gimmick character?

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