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Default Re: Are there any banned Members that you kind of miss? - Part 1

Originally Posted by ComicChick View Post
i don't have to scare you into a ban. i don't work like that, but way to play the martyr defense and classify all us moderators as ban happy people who ban whoever we want, whenever we want. kudos to you
The only reason I said that was because it was the only reason I could think of as to why you associated my actions with the actions of those banned posters.
I was talking about a poster who had more than one account because he had been banned in another, and a poster who had multilple accounts who would use them in the same time period, to back himself up in arguments.
Both of which are not activities I am guilty of, and are not relevant to why I have a different account to the ones I had years ago.

I, like other former posters who have new accounts, couldn't use those old accounts anymore, and had to start a new one.
Sometimes it's because we lost our passwords, or to change a name for the sake of vanity, or to avoid people from our personal lives who like to nosy into our business online.

So perhaps you can see why I was thinking like that, as I could see no other reason as to why you would lump me in with those guys I was talking about.

I meant no offence to you or the moderators of this forum, I appreciate the job you guys do, but what was I to think when you said that?

Maybe I should have not said what i was thinking in the manner I did, maybe my method of expression was influenced by a lot of the 'ban the bum' talk that is voiced by some posters round here.

Anyway, I wasn't gonna say anymore as I am getting a bit tired of getting into controversial discussions over here, but I didn't want the people who work on the forum to think I did not appreciate the time they put into this forum. sure, sometimes I don't agree with decisions that are made, but that is just the nature of life when it comes to those who lay down the law, everyone is not gonna agree.
But I do appreciate that you guys take time out of your personal lives to do this work for free, and I'm sure you try to do your best for the posters around here.

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