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Th Biggrin Re: Raimi Cast vs. Webb Cast

Originally Posted by Troy_Parker View Post
And that's funny because they still kept him for 3 movies and he has a huge fanbase just because he played Spider-Man. Hell, some people feel as though he was the true Spider-Man.

well they cant spot horrible acting when its right in front of their eyes then.sorry but Gomer "no acting talent" Tobey ALWAYS acts the same way he does in all his movies. the guy sounds like he is on drugs all the time,same flat monotone voice everytime.thats laughable that they would even think for a second he even comes close to being the true spidey. Garfiled is a hundred times better and at least CAN act. you really need to listen to that 2002 trailer of spiderman back then and hear him talk,thats how he sounded in the ENTIRE movie.he cant act worth a crap.Just like he does in that trailer,in all three of those films like in all his movies,he sounds like he is on drugs.

oh and for those people you allegedly say he was the true spider-man.they are very much in the minority.the proof is in the pudding right here on this thread. see for yourself.Looks to me like most agree with me by the poll Tobey just cant

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