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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by DogofKrypton View Post
You mean Marvel films starring lesser-known/exposed characters?


WW Gross: $449,326,618

Not bad for a character with about 1/10 the exposure Superman has had over the last 60 years...

No, it did not.

Superman Returns DVD Sales:

Now, let's compare that to a few other comic book films:

Iron Man:

Domestic DVD Sales: $173,488,611

Iron Man 2:

Domestic DVD Sales: $122,682,220

The Dark Knight:

Domestic DVD Sales: $258,689,618


Domestic DVD Sales: $261,534,447

Dylan Dog:

Domestic DVD Sales: $1,568,757

Case closed on it "performing well", methinks.

Surrounding yourself online with people who like it isn't a very good litmus-test for how the general public feels about that film.

Because they can.

How is it any different from you running in here to agree with someone by posting the exact same links and comments every time someone mentions SR?

It's not.
I still think it sold reasonably well for the type of movie it was (drama with Superman). And it sold twice as many more dvd units than both Thor and CA. The Ultimate Superman Collection, which included SR, was sold out too; I bought it mainly because it included SR and the extra disc with the RTK docu. It was also reported back in the day, and on this same site, that it was the best selling HD disc of the season or something like that (couldn't find the link). I also reported in the old Brandon Routh as Superman thread that SR was one of the top 10 best selling blurays in Australia. We also don't know how many more dvds the film sold in other countries; the movie was pretty popular overseas, maybe even more than in the US.

And DD sold those many units? wow, for a movie so under the radar and crappy is a decent amount.

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