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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
No, it doesn't as I have already explained, Iron man's success can be attributed to skills and presence of Robert Downey Jr. without hin (say Colin Farrell as Tony Stark /Iron man would not be as successful, of course this is mere speculation on my part but that is due to Iron Man being a B-List Marvel character and most of Colin Farrell's movies not doing well at Box Office.)
Wow. So you are ADMITTING 'Iron Man' was a better film, and that means it doesn't "count" because it had a far better actor in the lead??

Sorry, you fail.

Comparing movies that are already established as Successful franchises and getting sequels like Iron Man 2, Spider-Man 3 and X-men 3 to a franchise like Superman Returns which was coming back to big screens after a period of 19 years and after the last two attempts that bombed (Superman 3, Superman 4) is not fair.
Fair? Did you say "fair"?

You're right. Comparing a B-list comic book character with ZERO live-action history against one with FIVE live-action films prior to SR, FOUR television series with one running current when SR came out, and at least FIVE animated series is definitely "unfair".

To "Iron Man".

And why compare 300 with SR ? that is not a superhero movie, it is more like a war movie based on a GN.
"300" is a comic book film. Just because YOU don't want to admit that it is, doesn't mean that it isn't.

Oh, come on, SR was in IMAX 3D in only a few IMAX theaters and Thor was released worldwide in mostly 3D format (some theaters had 2D Thor but they were a small percentage)

and only 20 minutes of SR was in 3D (at IMAX) not the whole movie.

And the ticket prices were still for full IMAX 3-D. So you fail again.

Keep making things up though. Maybe WB will scrap "Man Of Steel" and do a sequel to a boring, bland flop instead...

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